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Stay Up-To-Date On Benefits, Retirement Info & Workshops - right to your email!

Stay Up-To-Date On Benefits, Retirement Info & Workshops - right to your email!

Federal Retirement Workshops

How We Make a Difference
For Federal Employees

We host federal retirement and benefits workshops all around the country. We also provide virtual training for remote workers. Our team offers federal employees the comprehensive education they need but rarely receive from their agency. Our firm desires every federal employee to have all the tools necessary to be fully prepared for retirement. SmarterFeds events empower attendees to maximize their benefits and make well-informed decisions about their future.

  • Tips for being better prepared for a smooth transition into retirement
  • Understanding what you have and what you need to know about decisions to make at retirement
  • Eligibility requirements and how to choose an appropriate retirement date
  • Deposits, Redeposits & Military Deposits
  • Special Considerations for Law Enforcement Officers, Air Traffic Controllers, and Firefighters
  • Calculating the CSRS & FERS annuity
  • Cost of Living Adjustments in retirement
  • Coverage, cost, and who can benefit from SBP
  • Considerations for electing SBP at retirement
  • Important connection with FEHB
  • SBP (Survivor Benefit Program) video

  • Eligibility requirements and calculation of the benefit
  • What happens if you work after retiring
  • Strategies for Social Security Benefits
  • Coverage and costs while employed
  • Managing rising premium costs in retirement
  • Determining potential alternative coverage strategies
  • Fund choices, tax advantages and options within the TSP while working
  • How to maximize government contributions
  • Options available at retirement
  • Tips to be proactive and understand the financial impact of the decisions to be made at retirement

Ideal candidates

The employees who generally benefit most from this workshop are within 5‐10 years of retirement. However, we strongly encourage younger feds to attend as minor course corrections made early in a career can produce profound financial improvements later in life. Employees nearing retirement have specific questions regarding federal retirement options and decisions. Our workshops are structured so that each attendee receives answers to both general and personalized questions. Real-time conversations are welcomed. Our interactive format makes this workshop relevant to each attendee’s situation.

With the vast array of federal employees we train, we know the importance of tailoring the workshop material to suit their needs. For example, the material includes training modules that address the unique challenges and opportunities afforded to Law Enforcement Officers, Air Traffic Controllers, and Firefighters.

Following the workshop

SmarterFeds, our teammates and partners, offer each attendee an opportunity to meet with us to review their specific situation. We enjoy the chance to develop a personalized federal benefit and retirement analysis with each attendee. This analysis helps demonstrate the value of each federal benefit and identify critical decisions as they move closer to retirement. Our team provides the benefits review at no cost and without obligation to the attendee or federal agency.



We provide a no-obligation first appointment. During this visit, our team will ask you a series of questions to discover the nuances of your federal service, your current financial situation, and your goals for the future.

With this data in hand, as well as copies of your TSP Statement, a recent pay stub (LES), and your Social Security Benefits Statement, we produce a customized Federal Benefits Report.

Please gather your documents and upload them to our Reports Team in preparation for our time together.


Delivery Visit

We review your personalized Federal Report as an essential step in understanding each of your federal benefits. Often this process results in further questions and illuminates additional concerns.

We offer as much time as you need to fully understand your benefits and get your questions answered during this visit. By understanding both retirement risks and regards, you will learn to utilize and maximize the power of the CSRS and FERS programs.

We will also discuss areas that can be enhanced by considering tools available in the private sector. Combining federal and civilian financial instruments and strategies helps you receive the best of both worlds.

Once you decide to proceed with comprehensive Retirement Income Planning, we will gather additional documents related to your monthly expenses, other assets, and liabilities. Our team will analyze this data and create recommendations to discuss in our next meeting.


Analysis & Planning

During this visit, we will review your Retirement Income Plan and offer personalized recommendations tailored to your specific situation and goals.
We encourage your participation and feedback as this Plan is a living, breathing document that updates and adjusts as needed.
Our team of experts will propose specific solutions to help you reach each of your goals and minimize future risks.

After this meeting, we begin to implement each of our recommendations. Our team stays in contact to answer questions, address concerns and keep you up-to-date on the progress our your particular strategies and solutions.


Implementation & Review

As your plan materializes, we proactively communicate to ensure that each component of your Retirement Income Plan comes to fruition.

We will expand our future conversations to include legacy and tax planning with third-party estate planning attorneys and CPAs.

We will make appropriate adjustments during semi-annual or annual review visits as needed.

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