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Stay Up-To-Date On Benefits, Retirement Info & Workshops - right to your email!

Stay Up-To-Date On Benefits, Retirement Info & Workshops - right to your email!

SMARTER FEDS Retirement Training

How We Make a Difference
For Federal Employees

Smarter Feds offers federal retirement and benefits workshops all across the country. We also provide virtual training workshops in multiple time zones. Our team empowers federal employees with comprehensive benefits, education, and the necessary tools to fully prepare for retirement. Our workshops help attendees understand each of their benefits’ behaviors before and during retirement. We help each guest find ways to optimize and maximize their federal retirement income and make well-informed decisions about their future.


Smarter Feds provides in-person and virtual benefits training for federal employees worldwide. Our workshops make learning fun and help attendees arm themselves with facts and specific calls to action.

We serve federal employees from all agencies and all walks of life. Our team of experts and educators will positively impact your federal retirement and your unique financial outlook, whether you are a few months away from retirement or just starting your career.

Our passion is simple; we serve those who serve and look forward to serving you.

Connect with one of our Federal Benefits Experts or Attend a Workshop today!

Proudly Serving All Federal Agencies

About the Workshop

While federal benefits are often confusing and difficult to interpret, this workshop breaks down complex concepts into easy‐to‐understand language to show employees how proactive benefit decisions can positively affect their overall financial situation.

We offer a fun, engaging, and powerful CSRS and FERS benefits workshop focused on helping federal employees apply what they are learning in the workshop to their unique situations. Instead of teaching at a very technical level regarding the benefit rules, we aim to educate employees on the financial impact of retirement and benefit elections so they can make those decisions carefully based on sound information.

Our speakers are trained federal benefits specialists.  Some hold designations such as CHFeBCTM (Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultant), FRCTM (Federal Retirement Consultant), and CLTCTM (Certified Long Term Care).   Our Smarter Feds Workshops support OPMs financial literacy initiatives to provide pre-retirement training to federal employees.

If your agency approves, use Form SF-182 (download here) to request a paid day for attending. This form includes Smarter Feds’ federal contractor information and training codes. The presenter will sign the form after the workshop.

Ideal Candidates

The employees who generally benefit most from this workshop are within 5‐10 years of retirement. However, we strongly encourage younger feds to attend as minor course corrections made early in a career can produce profound financial improvements later in life. Employees nearing retirement have specific questions regarding federal retirement options and decisions. Our workshops are structured so that each attendee receives answers to both general and personalized questions. Real-time conversations are welcomed. Our interactive format makes this workshop relevant to each attendee’s situation.

With the vast array of federal employees we train, we know the importance of tailoring the workshop material to suit their needs. For example, the material includes training modules that address the unique challenges and opportunities afforded to Law Enforcement Officers, Air Traffic Controllers, and Firefighters.

Following the Workshop

SmarterFeds, our teammates and partners, offer each attendee an opportunity to meet with the financial professional hosting the workshop to review their specific situation. They enjoy the chance to develop a personalized federal benefit and retirement analysis with each attendee. This analysis helps demonstrate the value of each federal benefit and identify critical decisions as  a federal employee moves closer to retirement. The financial professional provides the benefits review at no cost and without obligation to the attendee or federal agency.

Smarter Feds Network of Financial Professionals

Smarter Feds has built a network of qualified professionals who serve the retirement needs of federal employees. We believe  each fed deserves the secure retirement they’ve worked hard to earn.

Stacey Ripley

DUNS #118697103
CAGE Code 9CP61

Founder Stacey Ripley spent decades serving alongside her family through ministry and as a recording artist and musician. After raising her family while simultaneously producing a few albums and operating several businesses, she began serving business owners. She brought her business acumen to bear by designing and refining processes to fuel their sales, HR, and accounting practices. Stacey began serving federal employees alongside her husband in 2018 and discovered that meaningful federal education coupled with compassion could significantly impact the lives of federal employees and their families. Her passion for excellence and her desire to serve federal employees with quality federal benefits education, no matter their geographic location, inspired her to launch Smarter Feds.

She believes that whether you have the flexibility to attend one of our all-day in-person workshops or attend a webinar as you may work remotely, serve late into the night on the third shift, or are stationed overseas, you deserve access to quality benefits education. Smarter Feds facilitates a variety of ways to attend and stay informed and up-to-date so you can be ready to retire and become a Smarter Fed.

Stacey and her husband, who served in the United States Marine Corps and was the Commander of The Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band, stay active with five college-aged children and are passionate about music, serving at their church, fitness, global missions, and travel.

Smarter Feds is proud to be a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB).

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